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Detention - ADC/JDC

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Adult Detention

Do you have what it takes? 

The Sheriff's Office is currently accepting application for:

Detention Deputy
Medical LPN
Medical RN

Starting pay for Detention Deputy is $24,693 plus benefits.  Two weeks paid vacation and health insurance.  The job duties are challenging and the opportunity for advancement is great.  Applicants must perform to the highest standards on a written exam, a physical fitness review and a thorough background investigation.  Many will apply, few will meet the challenge.


Contact:  |  (479) 783-3532


Inmate Information

The Sebastian County Adult Detention Center houses all prisoners in the county.  Over 15,000 prisoners are booked in every year.  The jail has 356 beds.  There are 56 deputies that work shifts around the clock protecting our county. 

Public Information available about any inmate is:

Current status of incarceration, court dates, bond amount and scheduled release date. 

Please call (479)783-4988 and follow the instructions to speak to a deputy.

Inmate Visitation Inmate Visitation

Inmate visitation is on Friday and Saturday only.  Inmates schedule an appointment to visit.  Visitation times depend upon the classification of the inmate.

Generally, male inmates have visitation on Saturday, female inmates have visitation on Friday afternoon.
Male Admin Seg Inmates are also on Friday afternoon.

To make an appointment, inmates contact the visitation clerk through our in-house kiosk system.  Once the visit is scheduled and verified, the inmate is responsible for contacting the visitor with the date and time.

For convenience, inmates are allowed to schedule recurring visitations, so the time will remain the same each week.

Inmate Mail

Our address is 801 South A Street, Fort Smith AR, 72901.  Only post cards are accepted as mail.  Any letter sealed in an envelope will be returned to sender.  You may send as many postcards as you please.  You may mail a money order in a sealed envelope, however no correspondence may be included.  There is no need for any “Inmate Number” to be included on any mail.  Simply put the inmates name and our address on the mail.

Inmate Work Programs

The Detention Center has several active programs to assist our community and allow offenders to earn good time credit.  Offenders who have been convicted of non-violent, misdemeanor charges that are also not DWI related or drug related charges may apply for work programs or alternative sentences.  Options include house arrest, community service, work release and work programs inside the jail.

All programs must be coordinated through the detention center’s Office of Inmate Management.

If you are sentenced to jail time and have a surrender date, begin your application process immediately by contacting Lieutenant Gayla Jackson

Here's a link to send a care package to an inmate.  The delivery is made twice per week. 
Here's a link to add money to an inmates account.  Inmates are allowed to have commissary items that they purchase through the jail service.  Inmates can also use money that you send to pay off fines or pay their way out of jail.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I get someone out of jail?
A:  Arrestee's are usually held in jail until trial, or they may post a bond securing their appearance in court.  Bond's may be cash or "Legally Sufficient", which means a Bail Bond Company can post the bond amount and you only pay a portion of the amount to the bonding agency.

Q:  How do I find a bonding company?
A:  We are not allowed to reccommend a bonding company, but the yellow pages are full of help.  An internet search will work well too. 

Q:  How do I pay cash to get someone out of jail?
A:  Come to the "Booking and Information" at the jail.  We will gladly help you.  You will need the exact amount of bond in cash plus a $20.00 fee.

Q:  How long does it take to get to prison after someone is sentenced?
A:  Once a person is sentenced to ADC, it usually takes several months before he/she is transported to prison.  For trip security, the exact date of the transport will not be revealed.

Q:  Where is my car?
A:  (Yes, we get that question a lot)  When people get arrested and the car gets towed, we can certainly try to help you find out where it is.  If we don't have the location, we can direct you to call the arresting agency for more help.

Q:  Can I serve my sentence on Weekends only so I don't lose my job?
A:  No, however, you may apply for the work release program.  Pick up an application from the information desk at the jail and turn it in early.  We need up to 5 days to complete the application process.


Juvenile Detention


The mission of the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center is:

Provide a clean, safe, structured environment;

Provide a good education including an excellent GED program (that has passed 514 since 2011);

Provide mental health counseling;

Provide parenting classes for those that are soon to be parents or are already a parent;

Teach life skills such as filling out an application for employment and a check book;

Provide tutors to assist them with their school work;

Provide inspirational speakers;

Teach them about good hygiene;

Teach them about the importance of being clean and living in a clean environment;

Be good role models for the juveniles;

Be professional in our dealings with the juveniles;

Assist the parents with ways to deal with their sons or daughters;

Have community involvement;

Provide religious services for all denominations.

One question that is asked frequently asked by the public is "Can I bring my child and put them in the Detention Center for a day so they will see what it is like". The parents are having difficulty with the juvenile and are told that without a criminal charge we can not keep their child.  However, we do provide a community service, a tour of the facility ( one on one) and explaining the negative side of being in detention.

Another question is what is the youngest age you can hold? By law it is 10 years of age. This facility holds 10 to 21 year old.

Also, what is the average stay for a juvenile? The average stay is 90 days.

The public can contact this facility at 479-783-3532, fax 479-784-1532 or Chris Landrum at, 479-651-3048.





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